Virtual Associates and Co offers a full end to end service for clients who have low to medium volume recruitment requirements. Our job is to match the right candidate for our clients. The niche market we are targeting is virtual assistants, offering their service to our client virtually.

The service includes the following recruitment methodology:

  • A briefing session with HR/Line Manager (Client)
  • Job specification review to determine competencies and skills requirements
  • Database search/advertising strategy and online advertising
  • Other methods of sourcing including referrals and networking
  • Candidate telephone screening
  • Assessing resumes
  • Internal interview (virtual zoom interviews)
  • Short listing candidates
  • Reference checking
  • Notifying unsuccessful candidates
  • Organising client interviews
  • Offer negotiation/acceptance and agreement on start date
  • Advising unsuccessful candidates


Get in touch

Contact us (CAN THIS BE HYPERLINKED TO to brief your requirements and understand your business needs.

Matching candidates with clients

We will work with our candidates to ensure we connect you with the right match.

Connecting virtually

Once we have your brief we will arrange a virtual meeting/interview between you and the candidate. After all we are all about working virtually.


We will touch base with you after your meeting to de-brief the interview. If you are happy to proceed with the chosen candidate we will send out contracts and finalise the on-boarding process.

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